Daniel Caesar is in "The Sunken Place" According to Twitter Users [WATCH]


When you see Daniel Caesar trending on Twitter your instant thought is that maybe, just maybe, he dropped a new soothing track. But when you click on the hashtag according to Twitter, it's because Daniel Caesar seems to have fallen into the "Sunken Place".

While on his IG live, Daniel was sharing drunk thoughts about black people being too sensitive, lazy, playing victims. All while defending white people and it all seemed to have stemmed from defending his friend, YesJulz whom is constantly catching flack for being a culture vulture.

Twitter was not happy and dragged Daniel all the way to "The Sunken Place". After hearing his thoughts, one user said, "DANIEL YOU'RE FROM CANADA YOU DON'T GET IT". You can't help to wonder if Daniel will regret stating these comments after he's sober but according to him, he doesn't care if the black community cancels him.

Wew, chile the nerve! Thoughts?

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