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Horoscope Quickies for December 6

Sagittarius- the only thing in your way is you. Fear is crippling you from making the move to change everything

Capricorn- you're really trying hard to move on and make changes. None of this is over night, you're still doing a great job.

Aquarius- things were hard but that's over. It's ok to relax.

Pisces- it's only hard because you really don't want to do it.

Aries- could you go about it a different way? It's not that it doesn't work, it just needs a new approach

Taurus- you're feeling boxed in trying to follow all the rules. It's keeping you from being creative and open minded not to mention exhausted.

Gemini- Balance your emotions and you may see your creativity return. Don't give more than you have and don't take more than you give.

Cancer- if it's out of your control it should be the furthest things from your thoughts.

Leo- you have choices and not a single one of them are wrong. Choose what fits your desires.

Virgo- you know what you want and what resources can serve you to make it happen. Don't get careless

Libra- the world is full of variety. Not everyone needs to see the world the same as you. We all have our own experiences and perception.

Scorpio- it's time to pause the busy and focus on your inner work. What does your soul need right now

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